FOA Delivers 50 Portraits, 50 Stories for Display

Faces of Addiction promised to produce a gallery show of 50 portraits and accompanying life stories of drug-addicted persons. 

Two Faces of Addiction

This week all 50 portraits were framed and delivered to the gallery for showing in January. We did it on budget and on time! The companion book is in production. Now it's time to get the documentary funded and produced, and to let the world know about this amazing, heart-wrenching look into the lives of addicted people.

This multimedia exhibit features 50 black and white portraits (20” x 16”) of local opioid addicted people by award-winning photographer Eric Hatch. The portraits consist of individuals from a wide range of backgrounds. Each portrait includes a printed life story, as well as video and sound clips that brings to life the addicted, allowing the gallery visitor to experience addiction in a new and vital way.

The mixture of photography with powerful life stories, told largely in the addicted person's own words, creates a fresh understanding of this scourge.