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Ways to Help

Faces of Addiction has grown thanks to people generously donating time and skills to make the project a success. Join the crowd!

Join the Board - We need to expand our Board of Directors with professional people from the Cincinnati and Dayton areas. If you have legal experience, corporate experience, 501c3 management experience, and/or truly great community outreach experience, we need you! People with experience in addiction services are especially welcome.

Faces of Addiction Gallery WorkVolunteer to Help Create New Materials - We are continuing to collect stories and portraits of addicted persons for use in prevention program materials. We need addicted families or family members who want to share their stories in order to help others understand the deadly traps of addiction. This is a lot to ask! But young people respond to young people, so we need youthful portrait volunteers.

Make a Donation - What We Need Money for:

  • Printing books and support materials
  • Creating the needed documentary
  • Creating program materials
  • Reaching out to recovery centers and missions


Donation Amount:

Faces of Addiction, Inc, is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization

Partners We Need

Prevention Partners - As we develop materials for addiction prevention, we need to partner with school districts and church school program directors. We need to tailor these materials to their particular needs and put them in forms that will actually work in their environments. We also need partner input to form focus groups from among the student population.

Recovery Program Directors - We need to work with recovery program directors to help us develop and test the best ways to use FOA materials to support endeavors. This is a vital need, so if you’d like to use powerful new tools in your programs, work with us!

Art World Contacts - FOA demonstrates the powerful effect art can have in creating new understanding and compassion. FOA is an art project, words and images working together to form independent art objects, and collectively to create what one visitor called “a sock in the gut.” One art world contact, Kathy Hart from the Hood Museum of Art, told us "You have given these people dignity". The FOA art gallery show is designed to tour to university galleries, museums, and larger civic art galleries. Art world contacts are essential to help us locate venues and schedule the Faces of Addiction gallery show. An exhibition management company is also needed.

Eric Hatch

Meet the Board of Directors

Faces of Addiciton, Inc is a 501c3 organization.
  • Eric K. Hatch, Ph.D, Executive Director, Founder and Artist
  • Rick Reckman, Ph.D, Psychologist
  • Brian Page, Educator
  • Robert Hesch, CPA
  • Kenneth A. Brown, Writer, Consultant, and former Foundation Administrator
  • Glenn Williams, Retired, former P&G and Iams Executive

Persons with specific expertise in the world of addiction care and treatment are invited to join the board. Please contact us for additional information. Your gifts are tax-deductible and may be made through your required minimum IRA withdrawal if you wish.

About Eric Hatch

Eric K. Hatch, Ph.D., is the founder of Faces of Addiction, Inc. FOA uses striking portraits and real stories to create compassion. Eric has been a professional writer since 1975 and a professional photographer since 2002. His work has won awards from the Professional Photographers of America, Middletown Arts Center, and many others. He has published over 100 essays, articles, and features. His essays have won a Gold Quill award from the IABC and the Communicator of the Year award from the Aviation/Space Writers Association. He has also published three books, including a companion volume to Faces of Addiction. Eric is a resident of Loveland, Ohio.