Faces of Addiction Makes its 50 Portrait Goal!

We've done it! Fifty faces, fifty stories. Wow!  

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Now we're into the production work, getting all fifty portraits and fifty stories printed, mounted, framed, packaged, and ready for their trip to the Christ Church Cathedral Gallery in time for the show opening on January 16.  At the same time, all the photos and stories have to be prepared for the book that accompanies the exhibit. The book has extra material including a lengthy manifesto on addiction and what we have to do as a nation to combat it. The book is the long pole in our tent; it has to be in the publisher's hands by November 1. 

So no resting on our laurels! The hard work of making this project succeed has shifted gears from gathering information to producing the media that will communicate it, and that effort will continue through next year. 

Thanks for your help, all of you who have seen these pictures and read these stories. They are making a difference and so are you.