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Faces of Addiction Exhibition Extended Through March 15th

Christ Church Cathedral Exhibit

The gallery exhibition at Christ Church Cathedral has been extended due to a strong turnout. Viewer responses have been greater than expected! The Faces of Addiction exhibit, a striking collection of 50 black and white portraits of addicted people matched with their accompanying life stories, originally had a closing date of February 28th.

Contemporary Arts Center curator, Tom Matijcio, found Hatch's photos to be "powerful, compelling, well-crafted and timely."

Tom Synan, a member of the Hamilton County Heroin Addiction Coalition and Newtown police chief, said the exhibit "brings awareness that above all else those struggling are human beings. The Faces project does this with powerful compassion."

Faces of Addiction is at Gallery South in Christ Church Cathedral, located at 318 East Fourth Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. The exhibit arrived there on January 16, 2019, and is based on 10 months of work by award-winning area photographer Eric K. Hatch. The revealing images of Faces of Addiction make the struggles of addicted people real and immediate.

"These are real people with real stories, and once you experience these photos, you'll always know that addicted people are just as real, as interesting, and as fragile as the rest of us," Hatch says. He goes on to say, "Their stories are written in their faces, especially the eyes...All I had to do was make the photos express what they said during our interviews."